Work That Long Hair!


The Faux Bob

 A fake bob requires little effort. Place a strip of sponge on the underside of the hair. Roll the hair around this strip, and secure it with pins. You don’t have to be too neat – in fact, the messier the better.







 The Sleek Centre Part

A clean centre part is minimal, impactful, and big this season. The only caveat: the centre part must be straight – use a tail comb to trace it out neatly, and finish by patting down with Classic Shine Gloss Serum.







The Girly Braid

Braids are such a great option for long hair. Pick from various versions: boho, sleek, tight, or slightly undone. For hold, prep hair with a product like Casual Sea Salt Spray, and if you like a bit of volume, start your braid slightly away from the temple.







The Chic Pony

A glossy ponytail looks fresh, plus the height pulls your features upwards (instant face life!). For a voluminous version, pack away the flat iron and work with blow-dried hair. Back comb the front sections to keep the style from looking too severe, and finish with Glamour Serum Drops.