Who handled controversy better – Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif


In the light of media infringement in celebs personal lives, we ask you readers as to who among the two top heroines handles the issue better. Vote!

Deepika Padukone grabbed a lot of eyeballs this weekend with her stance against a leading daily’s report on her cleavage show. The leggy lass has since then received a lot of support from the film fraternity. Celebs came forward and spoke about the fact as to how media people are infringing into celebs personal space. It was great to see the whole film industry stand up against something important, but somehow, we have a feel of deja vu! Want to know how?

If we recall Katrina Kaif had faced a similar situation when she went on a holiday with Ranbir Kapoor to Ibiza, Spain. Sometime after the couple was there, a leading film magazine came out with their private pics at a beach. The pics were clicked by a local photographer at Ibiza and the leading film magazine used those images with credit to him and got a lot of popularity. Katrina, wanted to vent out her anger at the paparazzi but couldn’t do it like Deepika did as she doesn’t have a social media presence. That’s why after a few days Katrina wrote an open letter and got it published in a leading daily expressing her angst over the issue. However, that time there were hardly any celebs who took a stance and went against the media. On the contrary there were a few celebs who had commented that Katrina should have not exposed explicitly.

Deepika, on her front, had that time also supported Katrina and said that celebs should be given their privacy, but since being a public figure hardly gives celebs private times, everyone should be a bit careful. Later on Katrina also cooled down and at the Dhoom: 3 events she openly joked about the incident. Celebs still did not take Katrina’s side and left her to fight a lone battle. We wonder, what has changed so drastically this time when a similar incident has happened?

Both incidents were an infringement of celeb privacy but celebs are aware of the fact when they come into the business of glamour. We, the media, shouldn’t hit below the belt, but celebs need to keep in mind that they are in a business where people will talk about every aspect of their life. Their personal self no longer remains personal and they are pretty aware of this fact when they join the film industry. Wethinks Katrina’s incident required more celebs to stand up against the paparazzi, where she was at a private holiday, as opposed to Deepika being at a public event (at a Chennai Express press event) during her incident. Deepika’s social presence made her incident flare up more and celebs also supported her a lot while Katrina’s got pushed aside because of her non-presence on social media platforms.

what do you think, who handled the issue in a better manner-Katrina or Deepika? Vote!!