Week in LuxuryLaunches: Wanderlust


Week in LuxuryLaunches: Wanderlust

The spa at the Four Seasons George V in Paris


We kickstart our travelogue with one of the most romantic cities in the world—Paris. Hot on our list is Seven Hotel’s new James Bond-inspired suite which will fulfill any fantasies you had about living like a super-secret agent. The Suite 007 dishes out the works with a king-size bed, a quirky golden gun lamp, a Turkish bath, and a British spy suit at $620 a night.


Now while this may soothe the fancy of a specific lot, if you’re all about the VIP treatment like we are, here’s an itinerary that’s better suited. When in the land of LV, Dior and Chanel, all things must be first class, like flying into the city aboard Air France La Première, of course. With a front row view of the Eiffel Tower, Shangri-La Paris is the place to stay, the spa at the Four Seasons George V an address to be pampered, and Le Meurice the ideal venue to dine at.  


From one Michelin-star restaurant to another Michelin-star restaurateur, this weekwe’ve also caught up with ace British chef Gary Rhodes. With the Rhodes chain of restaurants spread far and wide right from Dubai to Manchester to Dublin, take cue from the celebrity chef, or better still, sample his glorious cuisine whenever and wherever you can.


Moving from some Brit-loving to the African rivers, another experience worth the bucks is booking yourself on the Oberoi Zahra, Luxury Nile Cruiser. With a course chalked out from Luxor up until Aswan and back over seven days, you can chose between 25 luxury cabins and two luxury suites that come equipped with a living room, a Jacuzzi and a terrace. And that’s not all, think spa, theater, gym, outdoor swimming pool, Library and Cigar Lounge—it’s all on board!


Another hotspot making news is the world’s largest observation deck—and no it’s not the London Eye. At 550 ft, the High Roller on Linq street in Las Vegas is the largest of its kind, with 28 cabins that can accommodate 40 people at a time. This 30-minute rotation is complemented by in-cabin videos and music shows for your entertainment and is the new must-see in the States.


Week in LuxuryLaunches: Wanderlust

Remy Martin’s XO Excellence decanter


Wish List

The hottest launches this week make for a two-part story: the first is Remy Martin’s XO Excellence decanter which has been exclusively made for the Cannes Festival. The gilded limited edition comes complete with its very own red carpet and is totally worth the $280.


A purchase that will need much more pondering is the world’s most expensive suit at a whopping $3.2 million. To be fair it is a bulletproof and waterproof masterpiece that has its own in-built air conditioning and is studded with about 880 diamonds and a 24k golden silk tie to match. The Diamond Armour is so futuristic, it’ll redefine any James Bond-esque ambitions you may have had.

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