Terms & Conditions

    • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to CelebrityFace.in and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used to email you company updates and announcements.
    • The “Celebrity Face Program” (hereinafter referred to as Program) is open to all girls/boys. The participant (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”) must be male & female, above 14 and below 40 years of age and a citizen of India.
    • The duration of the Program will be from 6th January, 2014 till 31st December 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the “term”).
    • To be eligible for the Program, a participant shall be required to send minimum three photos to Celebrity Face through message or Email it to contact@celebrityface.in or Whatsapp on our official no. 09867089644 or 08884677157 during the term of the Program.
    • Our panel will shortlist the best participants for the CF Season 43rd PhotoShoot
    • Shortlisted participants need to pay Rs. 7500 [Boys] & Rs. 7500 [Girls] as a registration fees for the photo shoot. Registration fees can be revised as per the management desecration and Registration fees is non-refundable.
    • If any participant selected or un-selected will mis-behave or anky kind of threatening the Celebrity Face employees either on call/message/whatsapp then he/she will be disqualified as selected participant and their fees will be refunded. Also that participant will be blacklisted from the Celebrity Face All Contests. We will intimate nearest police station and will file complaint for threatening and misbehaving with the Celebrity Face Employees
    • Photo shoot will be in New Delhi & shortlisted participants need to make their own travel arrangement to come for the photo shoot.
    • Participants those who are below 18 years they need to take approval from their parents to participate in the contest. If minor participant get selected for the shoot then participant need to get written approval from their parents that they have no objection that their daughter/son participating in this contest and getting their photoshoot done with Ouchlook Ecommerce Pvt Ltd and Ouchlook company will have all pictures copyright. Parents need to sign the minor documents with us to give the approval.
    • We will provide costumes, footwear’s, accessories, bags, food & beverages, makeup, hair stylist, stylist for the photo shoot. Participants can also bring their best 2-3 costumes as sometimes we face size issues with our costumes.
    • Registration fees is non-refundable.
    • If any selected participant who has paid the fees but due to any circumstances he/she didn’t come for the shoot then fees will not be refunded and he/she will not claim anything later on.
    • Selected participants will get best 10 shoot pictures only & only 5 behind the shoot pictures soft copies either in mail or through download link after 45 days of the PhotoShoot. Selected participants can use their shoot pictures to get any modelling work/participate in any contests. If any participant want more than 10 best shoot pictures subject to maximum of 10 additional pictures then participant need to Pay Rs. 500 per picture and for this participant can contact Celebrity Face Team.
    • Selected participants can’t alter/remove/hide/crop the Celebrity Face Brand Logo from their best shoot pictures soft copies which Celebrity Face Team Will Give. By doing so selected participant will not be anymore CF participant and will automatically disqualified from the contest. Celebrity Face will not be liable to give any more shoot pictures and will not entertain any queries later on regarding the pictures.
    • We will introduce all our selected participants with their shoot pictures on our fan page.
    • Participants will have to make their own travel arrangement for coming in photoshoot. Company will not reimburse or pay any travel expenses to selected participants.
    • It will be participants responsibility to come safely and go back safely home after the photoshoot. CF team won’t be responsible for any mis-happening.
    • Participants will be required to submit documentation such as ID, age proof, Pan Number, contact details etc. as required by the Company within 5 days from release of their name.
    • Selected participants can purchase Celebrity Face Branded Tshirt/Cap at the time of their shoot at Celebrity Face Studio for Rs. 1000. If any participants who wants to purchase #CF Tshirt on credit will get 7 days time to pay the t-shirt amount in Celebrity Face company account. If participant will fail to pay within 7 days then fine of Rs. 200 will be charged and participant will get another 7 days to pay the total Rs. 1200. For Every week delay fine of Rs. 200 will increase + Tshirt amount. Participants won’t get their photo shoot pictures unless they clear the dues.
    • Participants those who will not clear the pending payment either for t-shirt/cap/unedited/shoot/extra couple shoot/ etc will only get half edited photos after 6 months.
    • The Company shall reserve the right to use all data, material etc. received as part of this Program as it may deem fit for its future promotions. The winners will also be required to participate in programs organized by the Company, as and when required in the discretion of the Company.
    • Participants consent to comply with these terms and conditions and waive any right to claim ambiguity in these terms and conditions and release, indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its respective affiliates, agents, representatives, officers, directors and employees from and against any injuries, losses, damages, claims, actions, or any liability of any kind resulting from or arising from their breach/non performance of these terms and conditions
    • The Company also reserves the right to amend the rules of the Program or extend the period or cancel or discontinue the Program or any part thereof without giving any reasons or prior notice.
    • Participants agree that the photographs uploaded created as part of this Program shall not be copied, pasted, infringed, duplicated, from any other source. Such entries shall be deleted and the participant shall be disqualified immediately.
    • All Intellectual Property rights, incl. ownership rights to/of the entries should solely belong to the participant(s). The participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the company from any claim /issue relating to the same.
    • Participants agree that the photographs uploaded by them shall not be illegal, destructive, provocative, defamatory, obscene, and pornographic or which infringe the confidentiality, privacy or intellectual property rights of any third party or which could hurt the religious sentiments of any community or which could otherwise be considered objectionable.
    • Participants found indulging in any malpractices such as cheating, creating dubious profiles, or indulging in such other means to gain unfair votes shall be disqualified from the Program at any time and shall not be eligible for any Prize.
    • Photographs uploaded by the Participants which are in violation of these terms shall be deleted by the Company without any notification. Disputes regarding the Program shall not be entertained by the Company in any manner whatsoever.
    • A registered user can be chosen only once during the duration of the Program.
    • No correspondence shall be entertained with regards to the Program.
    • The employees of Company, and any associated companies and members of the immediate family of the employees of the Company will not be eligible to participate in the Program.
    • The laws of India govern the Program. All disputes shall be settled within the jurisdiction of New Delhi only.
    • The Program will continue to be governed by the terms and condition of the website.
    • Celebrity Face Brand is Owned & Operated by Ouchlook Ecommerce Pvt Ltd.
Terms & Conditions for College Fashion Show Winners.
1. Photoshoot will be Free.
2. Photoshoot will be done in New Delhi & all cost to travel to Celebrity Face Studio will be borne by Winner.
3. Winner will get best 10 photos  after 6 months from the date of the shoot. This is free photoshoot so we need maximum 6 months to edit the photos.
4. All photos copyright will be with Ouchlook Ecommerce Pvt Ltd.
5. If any winner will misbehave or threaten CF Crew and team then that winner photoshoot will be canceled and if the shoot is done photos won’t be given and deleted from CF Server & System. Also complaint will be filed against that winner.