Shamita Shetty on not being married: People don’t respect their partners anymore


Actor Shamita Shetty says that marriage is sacred for her and she won’t tie the knot just for the sake of it.


Actor Shamita Shetty is 38 and clearly is in no rush to get married. Even when her sister, actor Shilpa Shetty, 42, is already a mother to a five-year-old son, Shamita says that she is taking it easy waiting for the “right man” to come in her life.

Ask her if she ever gets pressured by her mother, Shamita says, “I won’t call it pressure. Every parent wants to see their child settle down. And initially, after I lost my dad, mom would be worried and all the focus comes on the other child, naturally. But I don’t really stress about it that much.”

What does Shilpa have to say about this? Shamita quips, “She is not concerned anymore now. She’s kind of understood that I need to find my own way, so she doesn’t pester me. [Also] When these things have to happen, they just happen. My doors are very much open, but honestly, I haven’t found anyone that I can spend the rest of my life with.”

Shamita asserts that she has stayed single for so long because she isn’t really happy with the kind of things she sees around in society today. “It’s scary what you see out there. People are in marriages and still doing their own things on the side. They don’t respect their partners enough and don’t hold onto relationships the way it was in the past,” she says.

The actor adds that marriage is sacred for her. “I don’t believe in falling in love today, getting married and if it doesn’t work, you go your own way. It’s not about that for me. I want a companion whom I am going to be happy with. And I don’t mind if the person comes in my life at a later stage, even when I am 40 or 50. I’m not going to sit and stress over it or plan things out,” says Shamita adding that she won’t prefer an actor as her life partner.

So who’s the ideal guy for Shamita that she would want to spend her life with? “He has to be someone who can make me laugh and has a drive and passion for whatever he does in his life. I can’t handle dishonesty; I like integrity in people and for me, that’s very important in a man,” says Shamita, adding that anyone who matches these criteria, she would want to know him better.