Shamata Anchan: I’m in touch with Ashutosh Gowariker, want to work with him again











Actor Shamata Anchan, who shot to fame after she worked with filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker on TV show Everest, has quite a positive outlook towards life. She believes that even if the show didn’t succeed despite having a promising start, it’s the effort that counts.

Shamata, who currently plays the role of a modern day girl inBin Kuch Kahe, says that people don’t accept anything new easily, and it’s only with time that every genuine attempt is acknowledged.

“People still refer to Everest with regard, mostly because the show tried exploring something that has never been done before on TV. I am still recognised as Anjali. The show didn’t work [in terms of TRPs] but when you are trying to do something new, it takes time to get recognised. You can’t expect the audience to change their taste overnight. It happens with time,” says Shamata, adding that working on the show was exciting for her as she got to perform her own stunts for it.