Shahid Kapoor quits smoking for Mira Rajput!


Shahid Kapoor finally quits smoking. Is Mira Rajput the reason?

Yes, you right.

Shahid and Mira Rajput got married to each other on July 7 this year in a private ceremony. Mira Rajput has finally convinced Shahid to quit smoking. According to a report in Times of India, it’s been a while that Shahid has not been smoking. Mira has managed to make Shahid leave this bad habit, as she likes him more without it.

Shahid had reportedly taken up smoking after his break-up with Kareena Kapoor. Earlier a source had said, “He has almost become a chain smoker, a lot of unit members scolded him and even advised him to cut down on his smoking. I guess his break-up has affected him badly.”

But now it seems like Shahid is enjoying his married life and is ready to do anything which pleases wife Mira. Recently, Shahid has shared an adorable selfie with wife Mira. And the couple was even spotted by the cameras going for the screening of Bajirao Mastani.

Shahid Kapoor with Wife Mira shahidmira_640x480_41436511674