Ranveer Singh: I am very proud that Deepika stood up against something wrong


The actor breaks his silence on the controversy and defends his girlfriend 

Deepika Padukone is in the middle of a roaring controversy right now. But majority of her fans and social media people have come out in unanimous support of the Happy New Year actress and condemned the media house that carried an article in Bombay Times today morning.

Ranveer Singh who maintain’s he’s Deepika’s “good friend” took to his Twitter account and voiced his disdain for what happened by saying, “@deepikapadukone way to let ‘em know! #LikeABoss @TOIEntertain TUM se yeh ummeed nahi thi #SMH #owned”. Now for the first time he has opened up about the topic and spoken to us giving a better understanding of what he feels about the whole drama.

Ranveer who is in the middle of getting ready for his next magnum opus Bajirao Mastani, told us, “I have a stand which I have already established on Twitter and after that Deepika has also put out a final word. I think the topic should be left at that, we should respect that. Somebody has put out a final word, but personally as a friend of Deepika’s I am very proud that she stood up against something wrong. I also was very happy to see the sheer amount of support there was for her. I think we should just focus on her work which is the primary reason that there is this whole brouhaha.”

We couldn’t agree with Ranveer any more! Full props to him for standing up and speaking his mind.