Ex-Bigg Boss 10 contestant Lokesh Kumari’s makeover will blow your mind, see pics




The fans of Bigg Boss are enjoying the on-going season of the Salman Khan-hosted reality show. Bigg Boss 10, as we all know started with a totally new twist of bringing in common people, or the ‘Aam Aadmi’ as they called, along with the celeb contestants. We know a few of them are already eliminated. But to know what they are upto now, is quite exciting. Bigg Boss 10 contestant Lokesh Kumari Sharma too is no more a part of the show but we saw her last when she became a part of the new year celebrations in the Bigg Boss house along with Salman Khan and many others.

All we remember of Lokesh was the demure commoner who had a peculiar style of speaking, due to which she was quite an entertainer on the show and even impressed Salman. But how exactly has her life changed after the show, or rather what exactly is she doing now? Here is a little dig into her real world. Now, if we actually tell you what this Delhi girl is up to, it will surely blow your mind.



Famous for her accent, Lokesh had entertained us in her own manner. She used to talk to Bigg Boss and the cameras, dance around the house and was one happy go-lucky face. Lokesh wore baggy clothes, spotted unkempt hair but was still loved by host Salman Khan, who never missed a chance to interact with her on Weekend Ka Vaar episodes.

We stumbled upon her Instagram and Twitter accounts which served us with a pleasant surprise and that is her makeover. Yes, the Bigg Boss journey of Lokesh Kumari Sharma seems to have served her with something better. She has turned all the more confident and beautiful.

Lokesh shared her recent pictures and we are just surprised to see the hot and sizzling side of hers. She seems to be busy with a lot of things post her Bigg Boss stint. From photoshoots to media interactions, Lokesh is very occupied. If you still doubt us, check out her recent pics post-makeover:











UJUGHufiAnd if you want to compare with what she looked like before, here is Lokesh Kumari’s old pics:







therdyBigg Boss 10 journey seems to have treated Lokesh Kumari quite well. So in her words — “Thank you Bigg Boss.”