Bob Hairstyles: We Want To Look Like These Celebs


Bob hairstyles have been made cool by some of the biggest (and most stylish) A-listers over the years, and 2014 is shaping up to be another big year for the hair trend. From Alexa Chung and her choppy waves, to Victoria Beckham and Julianne Houghs’ sleek tresses, there are plenty of different variations to suit everyone.

It only made sense that we hunted around the internet for the best old and new bob hairstyles to give you fresh new haircut ideas in seconds. So, whether you want to update your short locks, or go for the chop, now you’ve got plenty of fab ideas to flick through before you take the plunge.

We can’t decide which gorgeous bob photo we’ll be taking to the hairdressers this weekend – but we want to look this good, and fast!

Now we just need to master our blow-drying skills to ensure our hair looks as good as these A-listers’ everyday…

By Hannah Gale