Apple has cracked the code with the AirPods, now they just need to make them prettier


apple-has-cracked-the-code-with-the-airpods-now-they-just-need-to-make-them-prettierCall them what you want, but Apple’s new AirPods mark the future of earphone/headphone. They mark the future of wireless audio. Period. These earphones may look ugly and may seem like EarPods with a wireless face, but that’s not the case. They exhibit a wireless future untethered from a host gadget.

1. AirPods sound fantastic. In terms of audio, the AirPods are a ginormous leap from the elastic sounding EarPods, which don’t even cut the muster as a basic accessory. AirPods have a lush sound, that mimics audio products more from Scandinavia than say the US, and have sharp sound signature. Be it electronic music genres like techno or deep house or hard rock, the AirPods just deliver very good caliber of sound. Make no mistake, the sound quality could be better, but it is not half as bad.

2. They’re ugly, but effective. You may look like an Andorian tweed from Star Trek wearing them but these are comfortable earphones. They are ultra light, and they don’t bulge inside the ear, which can be very uncomfortable and they don’t fall off easily. To test this out, the moment I got them, I wore them through a head massage and haircut. I kept blasting music, while the barber was at it and yet, they didn’t fall down even once. Even while walking briskly, they do the job and don’t fall off. In fact, they stay more secure than the EarPods which were notorious for falling off. This is because they aren’t tethered with cables.

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3. They are super smart. Thanks to the W1 chip inside these AirPods, they connect seamlessly with Apple’s Macs and iOS devices. An iPhone would immediately detect if they were in the vicinity the moment you while them out of their case and automatically it would pair up. If you remove one from the ear, the sound automatically pauses and turns the connection from stereo to mono. It always works the opposite way round. Apple is able to this with beam forming sensors which detect when one is using them.

4. They are great for calls. Call quality using AirPods was incredible. The noise cancellation was superlative and one is just suspended in a quiet ambient environment with the person on the other end.

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5. The battery life of AirPods is very impressive. I found on a single charge they would last around 6-7 hours. More than this, the moment you put them back in the case, they started to charge again which meant that on an average they had a charge level in excess of 12 hours. This was superb. I didn’t feel that I ever needed to charge them.