Angry Birds seasons gets an update; adds 24 new levels


New Delhi: Another Angry Birds title just got updated and its none other than the good old, Angry Birds Seasons. Angry Birds Seasons now turns into a South Hamerican Paradise with plenty of new challenges to choose fromAngry birds seasons gets an update; adds 24 new levels.

The update which comes shortly after the Angry Birds GO! got updated 2 days ago, adds 24 exciting new levels to the age old game and still manages to keep the title exciting.


Angry Birds fans will surely be happy to see a completely new environment traced from the jungles of South America (or should we say ‘Hamerica’) and adds some new, interesting add-ons and power ups.


The add-ons come in the form of new traps that can be activated to take piggy destruction to a whole new level, while the Super Seeds power-up has now been renamed to Power Portion.


You get 24 free levels full of ancient statues, shaky rope bridges and swinging relics; all of which are located high up in the mountains. The piggies this time around are busy digging for treasure and trying to steal it.


All-in-all an action -packed, high-altitude update that will keep you busy for hours on end. The update is available for Android, iOS and is available for the iPad as well.