Amazingly Delicious Non-Vegetarian Dishes From India, That You Have To Try !!


 1.The World Famous Chicken Tikka

Tender and heavenly boneless pieces of baked chicken is every Punjabi’s first love. This marinated beauty is cooked in a tandoor and generally eaten as a starter; but hey we’d accept a plate of chicken tikka any time of day, with or without an accompaniment and hey, if a vegetarian comes and tells you that paneer tikka is as good as chicken tikka, please chase them down with a seekh !

2.The Best Keema Matar

Keema Matar is a simple, no-nonsense dish made with peas and minced meat. It is a classic dish to have with rice or better, biryani. Traditionally, a winter dish, it is yet another comfort food that tastes good with a soft naan or rice.

 3.The Tunde Kebabs

Tunde ke Kebab are made out of minced meat, garam masala, garlic, ginger and yogurt. An essential part of the Awadhi cuisine, the traditional Tunde Kebabs that can be eaten in Lucknow are known to incorporate over 160 spices! The kebabs are known to be soft, juicy and full of flavour! Team them up with spicy mint chutney and you have a real winner!

 4.The Murgh Musallam

The whole chicken is usually used to make this exquisite Awadhi dish and is common for special occasions. Marinaded with an incredible mixture that’s creamy and hot, once cooked to perfect, every bite of the Murgh Musallam tends to fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. If you’ve missed this, you’ve missed a lot!

5.The Poora Haah

A common dish from the North East, this delectable roasted duck is one of the best Indian delicacies and should not be missed! The tender, delicate meat of duck is perhaps the softest meat you’ll ever have. The duck is served with boiled rice and roasted potatoes, making the Poora Haah!

6.The Famous Paya

Paya is a thick, creamy, meaty soup prepared from legs of lamb. The best place to have Paya in the country is in Bhopal, from where it originated, but it certainly is available across the country. The traditional Paya used to be slow-cooked for hours, all night, and consumed during the morning, preferably with naan. Paya is tasty, homely, and a wonderful comfort food you cannot miss.

7.The Scintillating Fish Fry

India has a longest coastline for any country in the world! What does that mean. Yummy sea food and fish fry is as simple and as delicious a fish dish can get!
Fish Fry beats the heat, and cuts through the palette because of its sheer freshness.  It is also highly versatile, and can be made with any fish – but for the best results, use a Basa or a Pomphret! Again, available almost everywhere, but for the best kind –
 Goa is the place to be !