About Us


Celebrity Face is a novel endeavour at providing opportunities to dynamic,young people who want to make it big in the world.Also,it does not matter where you come from,what matters is where you want to reach and what you want to achieve.We,at Celebrity Face, believe that given the right opportunity, one can easily achieve their goals,even in the highly competitive world of fashion and glamour.The industry is like any other-it demands dedication and hard work and Celebrity Face ensures that shot to becoming successful not merely in the world of fashio,but also in our own little worlds,of schools,colleges and offices, where confidence is the game changer.So what does and can Celebrity Face do for you?

 Let’s take a look.

Celebrity Face organizes photoshoots of participants selected from a host of applicants/participants from across India. A known celebrity is also called it, to add to the glamour and also to show,how these people have achieved success in their lives,be it public or personal.The applicants/participants are from various age groups from School Kids, Teenagers, Office Goers. So, why the photoshoot?

For School Kids: This is the age that we become aware of ourselves as individuals, as potential adults and are assaulted by a million demands, to be smart, confident, well-dressed, outgoing.Not all are flamboyant by nature-many are shy and yet, extremely talented and pools if potentials success.The idea of a photoshoot is not merely a makeover which is external, but a device for injecting confidence, of meeting those demands with aplomb.

For College Goers: One is in college, and suddenly, out in the big bad world.Its a world which is so full of exiting opportunities and yet, it caters to only those who dare to dream and act.A photoshoot then can also be a way of becoming the “popular” person in college, one who dares and also succeeds,in the real world.

For Professionals: Its time to earn and yet, one often forgets about one’s dreams in the pursuit of money. Its a time to take risk,and also to advance one’s career,in whichever field one maybe in.A photoshoot later,one is not only given a freah breath of air but also those boardroom meetings, presentations and client interactions become easier to handle because one has conquered one’s inner turmoils and now are ready to take on the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to change your life, to add a new dimension to it and to explore your hidden talents.WhatsApp your pictures to our official no. 09867089644 or mail it to contact@celebrityface.in or message us on our FB page Click here


All the best Cheers!

Benefits what selected confirmed participants gets once we select them.

1. Selected participants those who confirm for the photoshoot they get Makeover & Fashion Photoshoot – Solo & Couple with International Model or with Celebrity Guest.

2. Portfolio to apply for work in Agencies/throughCasting Directors/Production Houses/College Fashion Shows/ Coordinators etc

3. Celebrity Face team guide participants to apply for various auditions, work through casting directors, direct contact with companies, Jobs etc.

4. Celebrity Face team also helps what you should write in Subject line, Email when you send your portfolio to get work.

5. Celebrity Face team also helps participants on Call.

6. Few best participants also gets opportunity to Judge the various fashion shows which Celebrity Face sponsors.

Celebrity Face is the only platform in India which helps participants for everything. Our aim is to help our best selected participants to achieve their dreams.