The school of fashion won’t let a trend stay for too long, it will keep bringing new ones to fill the void. We had cuff links and pocket squares not so long ago and now (not as their replacement, but their company) we have tie bars.

And well, this one is also welcome. For those who need some guide regarding how to sport tie bars, read on:

�� Your tie bar shouldn’t take the attention away from your tie. You might find flashy tie bars in the market, with beads, gold coated ones, but it would be wiser to stay away from them. Go for simple tie bars that fit in seamlessly with the whole look. Keep them small in size.


�� A common mistake made while clipping the tie bars is that people only clip the two ends of the tie with the bar. The whole purpose of the tie bar is that the tie should fall down smoothly. Not clipping it with the shirt will do exactly that.

�� Position the tie bar at halfway down the tie or between the third and fourth button. Too high or too low will look goofy.


�� The width of the bar has to somewhat go with the width of the tie, though in most cases the bar should be pretty slender. Never use a tie bar which is as wide as the tie. You tie should not look like it is carrying a weight. If you are wearing a skinny tie, the tie bar has to be smaller.


Image Credit: beckettrobb (dot) com

�� After reading so many instructions, if you tend to think that you should go for pins rather than tie bars, you are only taking the first step towards ruining your look. Pins do nothing more than perforate your ties. Avoid them.

Tie bars help a great deal in not letting the tie flop around, especially when it is windy and you are not wearing a blazer. Apart from that, they act as a great fashion accessory and boost your style quotient, making them all the more essential for your wardrobe.

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