5 Women’s Fragrances That Smell Great On Men


Some would say that perfumes have no gender irrespective of how strongly marketers advertise and package distinct feminine and masculine fragrances, and rightly so. You’ll be surprised how much women’s and men’s fragrances ultimately have in common. Sure, it takes guts for any man to carry some of these below listed women scents but if you are a confident man who is comfortable in his own skin, then we are sure you can give one or two of them a whirl. So, are you man enough to try women scents? 

1) Tom Ford Black Orchid

Women’s Fragrances That Smell Great On Men

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If subtle is sexy for you then we urge you to get your hands on this exquisite floral fragrance. The top notes are French jasmine, black truffle and citrus that culminates into a floral-spicy heart. The base combines woodsy notes, dark chocolate, vetiver and vanilla that will work just as well for men as for women. 

2) Burberry For Women Eau de Parfum

Women’s Fragrances That Smell Great On Men

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Yes it definitely sounds like a woman’s perfume name, but this 95’ sleeper hit can easily be qualified as a man’s perfume. It’s intensely fizzy and is composed of sharp jasmine notes harmonized with sandalwood and cedar and therefore can sit unabashedly on a man. So, give this perfume a chance and wear it with a crisp white shirt

3)  Shalimar by Guerlain

Women’s Fragrances That Smell Great On Men

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Yes, it’s an out and out woman’s perfume but what better way to bask in your masculinity than wearing this scent with pride. Created by Jacques Guerlain as a tribute to the legendary Shahjahan and Mumtaz, the perfume rocks both citrus and floral notes with an amazing intensity. So, wear both vanilla and civet with panache, and show a middle finger to those who assign gender to perfumes

4) Narciso Rodriguez for Her

Women’s Fragrances That Smell Great On Men


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Marketed in a pretty pink bottle and black outer box, Narciso Rodriguez for Her can be your biggest challenge. At the heart of the dominant musk note resides sandalwood and patchouli that gives this perfume a floral blend. But the musk nuance only makes this scent warm, smoky and musky, so much so that the gender of the skin it is applied to becomes irrelevant.   

5) Chanel No. 19 EDP

Women’s Fragrances That Smell Great On Men

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Chanel No.19, very rightly, is considered to be spring in a bottle and is famous for its ‘green’ aroma. It strikes a balance between light heartedness and sophistication, and has a unique blend of green notes, rose, iris and vetiver. Changes to the formula in recent times have also made this fragrance man-friendly. 

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